Vapcell YR1030 Internal Resistance Tester

$ 0.00
Brand Vapcell
Model YR1030
Practical Function Test IR
Color Blue/black
Weight 300g

Vapcell YR1030 IR Tester


u Vapcell YR1030 Internal resistance tester is a great tester.Portable,easy,efficient,precise to test many types of batteries .

u It can test lead acid, li-ion, Lipo, Lifepo4, alkaline cell ,dry cell, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, coin cell,etc.

Safety instructions:

u The maximum input voltage on the internal resistance and voltage range measurement does not more than DC 30V. Under any conditions can not enter the AC signal.

u The charging port uses the MICRO-MINI charging port.

Standard configuration:

u 1 * Internal resistance tester

u 1 * test line (red,white* black,white)

u 1 * user manual

Measuring the battery:

u Normal mode

u 1. Connect the test lines and turn on the power. Make sure that the measured battery voltage does not exceed the instrument upper limit of 28V.

u 2. The two test pens(each pen has two lines and probes) were connected to the positive and negative battery. PS: Red and white line is connect the positive; black and white is connected negative.

u 3. wait to display stablely and read value.

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